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Tissue Culture and Gene Transfer Approaches To Dry Bean Improvement

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Title: Tissue Culture and Gene Transfer Approaches To Dry Bean Improvement
Author: Bruce, Held; Grafton, Ken; McClean, Phillip
Description: Desired new agronomic traits for a crop may be most likely arrived at through experimentation via a tissue culture regeneration system. This process is used in an attempt to uncover unknown variability by unknown mechanisms. The transference of desired importance to commercial crops had been utilized. BY this time, a tissue culture regeneration system for dry beans had been discovered and was being accessed for the degree of it's variation on it's probability for gene transfer. A brief description of the regeneration system is covered in this article. From the results, somaclonal variation of the bean's genetic material is reviewed. Using this regeneration system for transformation gives a screening step that separates bean shoots that have potential and from those that do not. It is noted at the end of this article that to date only a few that only a few genes were available and how continued research was needed.
Date: 1988
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/6268

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