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Trends in North Dakota Farmland Rentals in 1988

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Title: Trends in North Dakota Farmland Rentals in 1988
Author: Johnson, Jerome E.
Description: Cash rentals in 1988 did not materially change from those from the three previous years in North Dakota. The land rental market continued to expedite adjustments in the land ownership and resource use markets. The mix of leasing arrangements of cash, crop share and cash-crop share remained close o it's long-term norm. Each are discussed in this article. The ratio of cash rentals and cropland values is compared. Average cropland values were at their high in 18981 at $533 per acre to $312 in 1988. This is a decline of 41 percent.
Date: 1989
Subject: Farm value
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/6274

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