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Nutritional Management For Efficient Swine Production

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Title: Nutritional Management For Efficient Swine Production
Author: Crenshaw, J.D.
Description: In response to consumer demand for leaner post, the swine producer, the meat packer and swine-related industries were faced with the task of producing and preparing an economical pork product for the consumer while maintaining a profit margin. Increasing the efficiency of lean growth and lactation are the primary objectives of swine nutrition research projects conducted. This article summarizes the results and progress of various swine research projects at this time. Ractopamine was a new food additive that was being tested as a lean growth additive for swine. Compensatory growth was another area of consideration. A better understanding of the mechanisms of compensatory growth may lead to the development of economical feeding strategies designed to take advantage of the improved growth efficiency associated with compensatory growth. In this study, they wanted to discover if tissue and metabolic responses to the compensatory growth improved the efficiency of growth and lactation in gilts. When gilts were fed the compensatory growth diet, they gianed faster and were more efficient than those in the control group that didn't. Gilt feed consumed 60% of the cost of producing pork. Computer software applications could gather and sit through several variables, including those environmental, to give a clearer picture of the success of the compensatory growth approach.
Date: 1989
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/6275

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