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Senior Citizen Centers in North Dakota

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Title: Senior Citizen Centers in North Dakota
Author: Rathge, Richard W.; Goreham, Gary A.
Description: At the time of this article, North Dakota was facing an exodus of younger to middle-aged citizens to elsewhere. This left many senior citizens without families and extended families to aid or to care for them. Declining populations in rural areas further frustrated attempts in delivering to those elderly. IN 1981, seniors began to establish senior clubs and centers where they themselves could deliver some of these services to those elderly. What services and activities did they offer? How many of the state's elderly participated in these centers? This article presents a study that was conducted to address these questions. Senior centers are facilities used by a group of seniors whereas a senior club is defined as an organization of seniors who may or may not operate a senior center. The study covered in this article focused mostly upon senior centers. The study was conducted via a mailed survey to senior centers in the Fall of 1987. A table displays the study's findings. A wide array of services and activities are offered. It was predicted that with the graying of North Dakota's population that these senior centers would play even a greater role in delivering services to those elderly especially in rural areas where less is available. While centers appeared to be in good condition, it was projected that further resources would be required to improve already existing services and to expand such. Expanded transportation for those elderly was cited as an area needing attention.
Date: 1989
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/6280

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