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The Economics of Flax Screenings For Backgrounded Steer Calves

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Title: The Economics of Flax Screenings For Backgrounded Steer Calves
Author: Boyles, S.L.; Dreft, B.S.
Description: Each year in North Dakota, millions of bushels of small grains are produced. For each ton of grain harvested, a ton of of crop residue is remains. This can be used to feed cattle and sheep. The residue can consist of broken and cracked kernels, weed seeds, chaff and dirt. Screenings are abundant and inexpensive. A study was conducted to ascertain whether barley/flax screenings were as effective in increasing the weight of cattle as a non-screen barley/flax diet. The cattle that received a non-screened diet .1 pound faster than those fed screenings. However, those receiving screenings returned $3.21 per head to labor and management.
Date: 1989
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/6288

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