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Resistance in Sunflower to Head Infesting Insects

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Title: Resistance in Sunflower to Head Infesting Insects
Author: Charlet, L.D.; Brewer, Gary J.
Description: Sunflower heads are infected by three insects: red sunflower weevil, the banded sunflower moth and the sunflower midge. These three pests feed on the sunflower heads as larvae. Pesticides must be applied at exact times to maximize pests control. Unfortunately, this application kills beneficial insects such as those that pollinate plants or attack other insects that are harmful to the sunflower plant. Genetic resistance of sunflower hybrids to sunflower insect pests would reduce or eliminate dependence upon chemical treatments. In a study conducted, sunflower germplasm with resistance to these three pests was identified and maintained through three generations. More efforts to further select for resistance and and to determine the mechanisms involved were underway at the time of this article's writing.
Date: 1989
Subject: Sunflower
Insect pests
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/6289

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