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Foreign Investment in U.S. and North Dakota Agricultural Land

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Title: Foreign Investment in U.S. and North Dakota Agricultural Land
Author: Dobitz, Cliff P.; Kirby, Donald R.
Description: The North Dakotan agricultural community was apprehensive about the effects of foreign ownership of US agricultural land. The underlying idea to this concern was that the US would somehow lose control of it's basic source of food and, thereby, lose control of it's economic destiny and freedom. According to the two authors of this article, these worries and claims were unfounded. At the time of this writing, foreign investors owned less than one percent of available private land in North Dakota. It appeared that ownership of land was viewed as being less lucrative and as being more disadvantageous than other methods of producing revenue in North Dakota and in the US.
Date: 1989
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/6315

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