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Agricultural Processing - A Major Contribution to the North Dakota Economy

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Title: Agricultural Processing - A Major Contribution to the North Dakota Economy
Author: Helgeson, Del L.; D'Appolonia, Bert
Description: Agricultural processing and miscellaneous manufacturing within the state played a rather small part in North Dakota's total out-of-state sales. In 1990, there was more interest than before in agricultural states in adding value to crops traditionally grown in a particular region as well as in growing alternate crops. Numerous institutes and centers of excellence were established, mostly in food science departments at universities. Chemistry departments were involved in looking for new uses of agricultural products in non-agricultural markets and applications. The North Dakota State University was involved in trying to extract and to stabilize anthocyanins from the purple-hulled sunflower. Dry beans were another area of interest in non-agricultural applications. In order to discover new niche markets, research on the physiochemical, nutritional and anti-nutritional and functional properties of dry, edible beans and their fractions needed to be undertaken. Flax seeds were on the dashboard for it's possiblities. With each of these and others, feasibility studies needed to be taken in order to learn it's probability potentials and associated risks.
Date: 1989
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/6336

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