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Roundworm Parasites of North Dakota Cattle

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Title: Roundworm Parasites of North Dakota Cattle
Author: Hanson, Mary; Andrews, Myron F.
Description: Roundworms, nematodes, can be an important limitation on profits for the livestock industry. Correct medication schedules would provide the worm kill at the times when it would give the best effect on the host animal and do the most to prevent it's reinfection or infection of young calves. A proper understanding of the biology of these parasites would aid in the proper schedule for medicating the animals. A survey was conducted in North Dakota to determine the number of roundworm eggs passed in the feces of adult beef cows. Information culled from this study are given along with recommendations. Early springtime medication to kill newly developed adult worms and prevent rapid increase in pasture contamination.
Date: 1984
Subject: Parasites
Cattle diseases
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/6899

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