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Computer Technology and Dairy Management

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Title: Computer Technology and Dairy Management
Author: Fisher, George
Description: dairy producers became more involved with computerized dairy management in the mid-1950s. This was before the advent of the small electronic calculator or hand computer. The North Dakota Dairy Herd Improvement Association began recording all of the data necessary for a complete dairy ,management program about the same time. Several different programs were developed by more than a dozen state and regional centers. The electronic age has brought dairy management into a very sophisticated state and promises to do more to aid managers learn more about their occupation than ever before. The time saved may not be greater, but more precise decisions may be made from better information available. Any new technique must weather time. In 1985, there were at least 20 computerized feeding systems that were in use by North Dakota dairy producers.
Date: 1985
Subject: Farm management
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/6911

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