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Cereal Grains for Finishing Lambs

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Title: Cereal Grains for Finishing Lambs
Author: Moore, B.L.; Limesand, Wesley; Slanger, W.D.; Faller, T.; Erickson, D.O.
Description: 'Finishing grains' are a major component of the ration for lambs. The portion of the ration that is comprised of grain will vary dependent upon the lamb size, the type of lamb, the cereal grain utilized and the price differential amongst various grains and roughage. the availability and price of each of these grains varies location to location within the state and differs from year to year. The topic of economics should enter into discussion as the environment and price dictates to a great degree Several experiments were conducted with feeder lambs at the Hettinger and Fargo experiment stations (NDSU) over a 6 year period to determine that comparative feeding value of the cereal grains. The detailed procedures of each of these experiments have been reported. In this article, these are reviewed,interpreted and discussed. Corns, oats, barley and combinations thereof along with wheat and corn combinations all serve as useful sources of high energy feed sources for finishing lambs. When fiber levels are held consistent, lambs perform much the same on any combination. Lambs perform best on higher digestible energy and lower fiber rations. As the quality of grains vary, this should be taken into consideration for the formulation of of lamb rations.
Date: 1986
Subject: Livestock production
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/6928

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