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A Comparison of Rumensin and Bovatec Fed in Wintering Rations to Beef Calves

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Title: A Comparison of Rumensin and Bovatec Fed in Wintering Rations to Beef Calves
Author: Nelson, J.L.; Landblom, D.G.
Description: In 1985, 1,083,000 head of cattle and calves in North Dakota were being prepped for marketing. Feed additives that improve of gain and/or efficiency have a positive effect on the economics of the livestock industry. Rumensin and Bovaec were reported to improve feed efficiency and, in some cases, rate of weight gain as well. This article presents findings of research on additives that were conducted at the Dickinson Branch Station. While research had shown that both Bovatec and Rumenson were useful in feed additives in back grounding and finishing diets, there was little research available comparing the two products under similar feeding and environmental conditions. Also, nor had the economics of each been applied to ascertain which the more cost effective. The results of the study yielded no substantial improvements in the rate of gain in feed efficiency. The greatest improvement was amongst steers receiving Rumensin.
Date: 1986
Subject: Cattle
Livestock production
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/6935

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