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System for Feeding Early Weaned Beef Calves

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Title: System for Feeding Early Weaned Beef Calves
Author: Slanger, W.O.; Nelson, J.L; Landblom, D.G.
Description: The early weaning of dairy calves is a common practice, but the early weaning of beef calves in the cattle producing areas of the United States is quite uncommon especially in North Dakota. There have been exceptions where it was beneficial such as Fall calving, drylot cow/calf production and drought. When considering early weaning, a producer must decide how calves are to be handled and what they will be fed. The purpose of the investigation outlined in this article was to compare calf rations that would be suitable for an early weaned calf program that have been commercially prepared and formulated from home grown ingredients. The results of the investigation are given along with it's procedure. Calves that are weaned earlier are more susceptible to disease and therefore need to be monitored. Livestock producers wanting to wean beef calves early have several feeding options available dependent upon individual circumstances, available feed supplies and the processing and handling equipment.
Date: 1986
Subject: Cattle
Livestock production
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/6936

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