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Single Parents: Concerns and Needs for Parent Education

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Title: Single Parents: Concerns and Needs for Parent Education
Author: Mullis, Ann K.; Mullis, Ronald l.
Description: In 1986, the single parent home represented a growing segment of society. From 1979-86, there was a 79% increase in the number of single parent homes. One out of 5 homes with children under 18 was a one parent family. The number of one parent homes increased in North Dakota in 1970 from 6900 to 9740 in 1980, a 41.2% increase. Many aspects of these single parent homes changes regarding their social, emotional and economic conditions remain unanswered. The purpose of this article and the study discussed was to present the concerns of these single parent families. The status shift from a two parent family to an one parent family comes with lifestyle changes. This may present a new set of special needs regarding a loss of self esteem, child behavior problems and the new or increased need for community resources. The need for these support systems for these single parent families becomes crucial. A second purpose of the study was to examine the sources and topics of parenting information needed by these single parent homes.
Date: 1986
Subject: Parenting
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/8094

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