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NDSBF: A New Improved Germplasm Source for Early Corn

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Title: NDSBF: A New Improved Germplasm Source for Early Corn
Author: Cross, H. Z.
Description: From 1977-87, the acreage of corn crops increased dramatically in North Dakota. One of the reasons for the increase in the planting of corn across the state of North Dakota was due to the availability of new, early maturing hybrids which are more adapted to these expanded areas. Improved germplasm sources were needed in order for cron breeders to continue developing new, better adapted corn hybrids for use in these districts of expanding grian corn acreages. One of the objectives of the corn improvement project at North Dakota State University is the development of such improved germplasms. NDSBF was the newest yellow dent synthetic released by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station for use in early maturing corn breeding programs. The breeding history of this new line and it's agronomic description and performance are given. NDSBF demonstrated very good yields of high test weight gain having low moisture indicated that it should be a good source for of germplasm for corn breeres to use in developing very early, high yielding corn hybrids. Also, it appeared that this line had more desirable genes and should be a more productive source of good parental lines.
Date: 1987
Subject: Corn
Plant breeding
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/8248

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