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Progress Report on Spring Wheat Cell Culture Efforts

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Title: Progress Report on Spring Wheat Cell Culture Efforts
Author: Deckard, E. L.; Biewer, K. R.; Simonson, R. S.
Description: The many possibilities of improving presetn crop varieties by various applications of biotechnology including cell and tissue culture with plant regeneration, transfer of specific genes from one crop to another, and cell hybridization are often reported. These new techniques are made possible due plants being made up of millions of cells,with each containing complete DNA information. Therefore, whole plants can be produced from individual cells and genes from one species can function in a different species. This article covers some preliminary results with wheat plants regenerated from cultures cells. The general culture procedures and results of such are reviewed. In summary, the new techniques of biotechnology offer many exciting possibilities with potential application to crop production. Alterations to the various biotechnological techniques have been made to accommodate various crops. Additional research was needed. This research not only involves the development of techniques, but the identification of important genes to be transferred as well.
Date: 1987
Subject: Wheat
Plant breeding
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/8249

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