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Costs of County Government Services in North Dakota*

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Title: Costs of County Government Services in North Dakota*
Author: Bangsund, D. A.; Leitch, Jay A.; Dorow, N. A.
Description: The 1990 North Dakota county governments and their difficulties in supporting essential services to it's state's citizens without added revenue is the focus of this article. The decline of both federal and state revenue transfer, statutory limits on increasing property tax levies, a continuing rise in costs due to inflation and a decline in the property tax base in some rural areas contributed to this complicated situation and task. Strategies to combat such shortfalls are given: increasing revenues, reducing expenditures and administrative innovations. An analysis of county government services from 1977-86 were broken down into categories for comparison. They sought to determine the underlying trend in that ten year time frame. Counties in North Dakota were very diverse as to the population, land area, road and highway miles, and vehicle miles traveled, the major variables used in this study. Property tax bases differed widely per capita. Energy producing counties received more income not available to those not possessing such. No definite findings were determined on as to what influences spending. Rural entrepreneurs generally had less access to various forms of equity capital. State and local initiatives to make venture capital more readily available to businesses in rural areas could possibly help resolve this. Increased access to technical assistance in developing a business plan and making key financial management decisions could aid some potential entrepreneurs in gaining approval of their loans. Increasing revenue was the optimal solution.
Date: 1990
Subject: Economics
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/8282

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