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Bovine Abortions: Laboratory Findings During the Current Year

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Title: Bovine Abortions: Laboratory Findings During the Current Year
Author: Andrews, M. F.; Bolin, F. M.; Parsons, R. M.; Mcllwain, P. K.
Description: An important financial loss to ranchers and farmers results annually from abortions in cattle. From September 1, 1968 through April 30, 1969, a total of 229 aborted bovine fetuses were submitted to the Department of Veterinary Science for diagnostic analyses. Standard bacteriological and mycological procedures were conducted on the fetal stomach contents. In addition, chick embryo inoculations, histopathological studies, and fluorescent antibody procedures were conducted to aid in the diagnoses.
Date: 1969
Subject: Cattle diseases
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/8884

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