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Building the Economic Base: A Survey of New and Expanding Firms

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Title: Building the Economic Base: A Survey of New and Expanding Firms
Author: Ekstrom, B.L.; Leistritz, F.L.
Description: North Dakota was seen as being in a period of negative trends in agriculture and it's energy sectors. It was deemed that the formulation of effective policies and programs was needed to spur both economic growth and diversification of industries and enterprise types to achieve such. A firm's location, relocation and expansion decisions figured into this. The article studies those types of new export-oriented businesses and industries in the Upper Great Plains states of North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska. This paper narrowed it's focus to only those meeting specific criteria such as those that sell 10% or more of their product or services to out-of-state markets, etc. The general characteristics of these wee expounded upon upon. The increase of employment in these areas was seen as being of key importance. The location of these businesses, state and local taxes, start-up capital, incentives and assistance programs, economic development policies, etc were factors. These firms projected substantial growth in both sales and in employment numbers.
Date: 1991
Subject: Economics
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/8998

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