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What Makes a Successful Rural Community Development Corporation?

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Title: What Makes a Successful Rural Community Development Corporation?
Author: Goreham, Gary. A.; Nundahl, D.M.; Rathge, R.W.
Description: A background in what CDCs are, their beginnings and objectives are covered. The overall focus of community development corporations are growing rural communities whether it be in the economy overall community infrastructure. This is a novel idea where the citizens of the community are key players in the overall success of their community's growth. The history of CDCs hasn't been impressive and little data was available to study on these. There was a high failure rate among these small CDCs likened unto small businesses, which failed at high rates. CDCs are small businesses themselves. A study of North Dakota and South Dakota CDCs was made in this paper. 241 potential CDCs were contacted. Only 106 compleated surveys were received. The results showed that most were primarily focused upon traditional economic development tasks. Community development as less cited in findings. Many respondents were content with their local CDC's performance. In a 5 year period (1984-89), only half of these communities reported any net business expansion. Many reported jobs losses during this same period of time. Those CDCs that less challenged themselves with too few goals were more content with their success rate. Those CDCs with the greatest participation from the various members of the community were unsurprising more successful in accomplishing their goals.
Date: 1990
Subject: Rural communities
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/9004

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