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Grain Yield Production Efficiency Per Unit of Evapotranspiration

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Title: Grain Yield Production Efficiency Per Unit of Evapotranspiration
Author: Black, A.L.; Bauer, Armand
Description: Production of crops may vary from year to year based upon soil water content prior to planting time. Soil and plant transpiration from plants may vary yearly. Wind speed, temperature and humidity levels help determine the evaporation of water. Water stress occurs in plants when more more water is taken out of the plant than the plant can take out of the soil. Stored soil moisture and growing season rainfall contribute to grain yield. Best management includes these: timeliness of operations - planting and pest control, best adapted variety, planting rate, fertilization and other practices which affect grain yield and water efficiency. Unforeseen circumstances may affect overall grain production.
Date: 1991
Subject: Grain crops
Crop production
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/9523

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