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North Dakota Farm Women and Their Roles in the Family: Are They Changing?

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Title: North Dakota Farm Women and Their Roles in the Family: Are They Changing?
Author: Fitzgerald, M.; Mammen, S.; Pankow, D.
Description: In the US, prior to 1940, only 1 in 4 women worked outside the home. by 1980, it rose to 1 in 2, 16 years old and up. Mareid women entering the workplace increased from 17% in 1910 to 51% in 1980. Those women that live on farms have seen an increase in off-farm work, also. Wives on the farm worked for free. When husbands were way with of-farm work, wives increased their unpaid workload. The increase in farmer wives labor force participation went up by 300% from 1937-87. In 1984, 55.1% of North Dakota women over age 16 years old were in the civilian labor force. This input of external, extra income via the farm wives added to the economic well-being of he farm families. Also, it gradually redefined gender roles and gave more power in decision in the home and on the farm. When farm wives took off-farm jobs, their responsibilities only increased with job responsibilities, farm work and a family to take care of whereas their farm husband's didn't. The increased workload was perceived as being a stressor for the wife and diminishing factor for lifestyle satisfaction. As farm wives continue to enter the workforce, it is noted that family economists, mental health specialists, extension agents and others working specializing with farm families should be prepared to assist these families with both personal and financial management issues.
Date: 1991
Subject: Women
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/9530

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