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A Sampling Strategy for the Barley Thrips on Spring Barley

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Title: A Sampling Strategy for the Barley Thrips on Spring Barley
Author: McBride, Dean K.; Carlson, R.B.; Weiss, M.J.; Bates, B.A.
Description: Barley thrips were firs discovered damaging barley in North Dakota in the 1950s. Thrip infestations reduce yields, a decrease in kernel plumpness and decrease in protein content. The benefit of a sequential sampling plan reduces the amount of time needed to make a decision without a loss in accuracy. Also,, it sets limits for the number of samples needed to make a decision. If the number of samples exceeds a certain amount, then an insecticide might be applied. If not, then not. Re-sampling may be merited if the sample population continues to fall between a set range of numbers when the sample limit is reached. An example of such is given.
Date: 1990
Subject: Insect pests
Plant diseases and disorders
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/9568

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