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Sugarbeet Germplasm Selected From the USDA Colletion

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Title: Sugarbeet Germplasm Selected From the USDA Colletion
Author: Campbell, L.G.
Description: Problems that faced sugarbeet crops is that they lacked genetic diversity in the commercial crop and had the negative association between root yield and sucrose concentration. Increased selective breeding amongst bot public and private breeders increased resistance to diseases, insects and nematodes that preyed upon the sugarbeet. They reduced the genetic diversity of the commercial crop. Due to advancements in technology, premiums being paid for sugarbeets with superior processing quality (higher extractable sucrose content). The USDA B strain of sugarbeets is discussed in it's various forms.
Date: 1990
Subject: Sugar beet
Plant breeding
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/9570

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