Shott Reading Collection Management Policy

The Shott Collection consists of high-quality recreational reading books, audio books, CDs and DVDs as well as other audiovisual materials. The collection emphasizes award winning titles, mysteries, science fiction, current bestsellers, self-improvement, popular fiction and nonfiction titles.

The Dean of Libraries is responsible for the overall administration of the Shott Room. Selection and deselection of materials for the collection will be primarily the responsibility of the NDSU Humanities Librarian with input from staff, faculty and students.

A portion of the Shott funds will be used to purchase award winning fiction and nonfiction. Some popular reading materials of less academic merit may be leased through a library vendor rather than purchased by the Library. Leased books and audiobooks will be returned to the vendor when interest in the titles dwindles. Multiple copies of a title may be leased to meet anticipated heavy demand for specific titles. Gift books will be evaluated by the Humanities Librarian for addition to the collection.

All titles in the Shott Collection will be searchable by author and title in the NDSU Library Catalog and have a Shott Room designation.

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