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Home Business Learning Center Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Books from the general stacks can be checked out for 28 days for undergraduate students and 180 days for graduate students, faculty, and staff. You can also renew materials before the due date by logging into "My Account" on the top right of the library website. For more information, see "Borrow, Renew, Request Information."

You can search for the article title on the library homepage. In a citation, the article title is listed directly after the author(s).

If you do not find the article using this method, you can try searching for the journal title to see if the library has access to the journal and year of your citation. The journal name is listed after the article title and generally italized or underlined in a citation.

From your list of search results, click on "View It" under the journal title to see where the journal is located and which to which years we have access. If the journal is located in the annex, use the pull service to obtain an electronic copy of the article. If the full text is offered online, select an option that includes the year of your citation (e.g. "Available from 1997" for an article published in 2001).

Once in the database, find the journal year, volume, and issue that includes your article and locate the article you want to read. If we do not have access to the journal or year desired, you can use Interlibrary Loan to get the article. For more information and screenshots of each step, see "How to Find Electronic Journals."

  • Resources available through the library have already been through a selection process, which means that the information provided through library resources is more reliable.
  • The library provides you with free access to millions of dollars worth of resources. Some of these you can access through Google Scholar by settting your "Library links" to "NDSU - Get It @ NDSU."
  • Library databases provide you with more precise tools to find the specific information you want. For example, I can use Business Source Premier to limit my search to the company "Target" and then limit by the subject "marketing" to quickly find relevant articles. If I searched for Target marketing on Google, I have to sift through a lot of information to find anything relevant.

As Neil Gaiman said, "Google can bring you back 100,000 answers. A librarian can bring you back the right one."

  1. To find recent articles from a particular publication, use the "Find Journals" option from the library homepage.
  2. Search for the publication of interest.
  3. From the search results, click on "View It" under the publication title.
  4. Select an option that includes the most recent issue, if available.
  5. Navigate to the most recent year and issue to browse recently published articles.

If you come across something at the main library while searching the library website and want to pick it up at Barry, click on the green "Find or Request" text located under the item's availability. Click on "Sign-in for more options." Sign in using your Campus Connection login.

Click on the blue "Request" option. Select "Business Learning Center" as your pickup location and click on the orange "Request" button. You will receive an email when the item is ready for you to check out at the BLC circulation desk in room 22.

Information for Students

You can use the "Study Rooms" feature on the library homepage. Create an account if you don't have one already. Once you're logged in, click on "Expanded view" to see the room options available for reservation at Barry Hall, Room 14A and Room 14B (which offers screen sharing).

Click on the time you want your reservation to start and select how long you want your reservation to be (maximum 4 hours). You can also use the calendar on the top left to set up reservations for future dates; make sure you reselect the Barry Hall rooms when you change dates.

When you want to use one of the rooms, check out the key from the circulation desk in room 22. You can also check out white board markers, additional computer adaptors, a microphone, or DVD player.

If your professor put materials on course reserve, you can search the course reserves option on the library website for your professor, course number, or reading. Some course reserves material requires a login, which should be provided by your professor.

If your professor did not put materials on reserve and tells you that something is available through the library, try searching for the article title on the library homepage. If this does not lead you to the article, then you can either try the directions for "How do I find the full text for an article using a citation" or use the "Ask a Librarian" chat feature on the bottom right of this webpage.

The business librarian has a Master in Library and Information Science (MLIS), with expertise in information literacy, that is, recognizing when information is needed and locating, evaluating, and using that information effectively. Thus, the business librarian can help you:

  • Identify what information you need for a paper or presentation. This could include helping you narrow down your topic and think about what question you are trying to answer.
  • Find information for personal or class projects (company SWOT analysis, industry five force analysis, articles, examples of performance measures or business memos, etc.).
  • Evaluate materials you found online to determine whether they are credible or how to cite them.
  • Analyze the information you found and determine if or how it helps you answer your research question (see "Evaluating Articles").
  • Determine how to appropriately cite information and images.

The business librarian and other library staff can also help you with questions related to Microsoft products, printing, accessing library materials, checking out or renewing materials, and many other questions you may have - so please ask! We are here to help.

Information for Faculty

The business librarian can work with you to determine what types of research you would like your students to find and use. The business librarian can either schedule a time to come into your class and teach your students how to find that information, or, if you do not have class time, create a research guide, handout, or online tutorial to help guide your students to appropriate materials. The business librarian can also meet individually with students to provide more in-depth assistance.

You can have items placed on reserve by filling out the Course Reserves Request Form. It takes 2-3 business days to process reserve requests for NDSU or instructor owned materials and 5+ business days to order and process tri-college requests. Requests submitted 2 weeks before or after the first day of classes will take longer to process. For reserve guidelines, see "Course Reserve Information for Faculty."

Cabell's Directories allows you to find journals that publish articles on various topics and includes information on editorial guidelines, acceptance rates, and more.

For more information on journal metrics, see "Impact Metrics."

Contact your subject librarian and provide information on both the item and reasoning supporting its purchase. The librarian will add this information to the wish list and use it to try to gain access to these materials in order of priority. If the librarian still has money in the book budget, she or he may be able to purchase the book. If the journal is from one of the major publishers (Wiley, Sage, ScienceDirect, or Taylor & Francis), the librarian may be able to switch out the requested title for another title when the journal package comes up for renewal.

For faculty members, the business librarian can:

  • Help you locate specific information or data
  • Put together a list of articles on a particular topic
  • Look for newer articles on a topic or by an author
  • Find citation and impact factor metrics
  • Work with you on co-authoring a paper

If you have other questions, feel free to ask! In addition to business information, my background includes patents & trademarks, government information, and health care information. If you are looking for assistance for your students, also see "Services the BLC Provides."

Information for Community Members

NDSU Libraries offers free Library Guest Access Cards, which are good for one year and allow you to check out books and media from NDSU Libraries, including the Business Learning Center. The business librarian or library associate can set up a card for you. Check out materials to help you start up your business, learn business basics, or further your business education.

Set up a time with the business librarian to help you find information on industry trends, industry financial ratios, annual revenue for companies within the area in a given industry, area population and demographic information, and traffic counts.