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Digital Scholarship


Researchers struggle with best practices in the organization, management, and curation of data, a problem continues to grow as datasets become increasingly large and complex.  In response, the Libraries is working to develop a new digital scholarship initiative that will incorporate new and existing services and resources within the Libraries as well as strengthen and develop partnerships throughout NDSU.  The goal is to create a network of services to support researchers in all phases of the digital scholarship lifecycle. 

As an initial step, the Libraries propose the creation of a Digital Scholarship Advisory Board.  Its role would be to advise the Libraries and the NDSU Administration on matters related to digital scholarship as it applies to the university as a whole, and provide oversight and direction to working groups that address particular aspects of digital scholarship (e.g. data services, digital humanities, emerging technologies, etc.).  The Advisory Board would be comprised of representatives from throughout NDSU, including the Libraries, College of Agriculture, Food Systems, & Natural Resources, College of Business, College of Engineering, College of Human Development & Education, College of Health Professions, College of Science & Mathematics, and other units as needed. 



  • Jane Schuh, Research & Creative Activity (co-chair)
  • Joe Mocnik, Libraries (co-chair)
  • Charlie Stoltenow, NDSU Extension Service / College of Agriculture, Food Systems, & Natural Resources
  • Hallie Pritchett, Libraries
  • Amy Reese, Libraries
  • Marc Wallman, Information Technology Services
  • Kim Owen, Information Technology Services
  • Dane Skow, Center for Computationally Assisted Science and Technology
  • Rebecca Weaver-Hightower, College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Chris Schauer, Hettinger Research Extension Center
  • Phillip McClean, Plant Sciences / College of Agriculture, Food Systems, & Natural Resources
  • Rick Jansen, Public Health
  • Nancy Hodur, Center for Social Research
  • Fred Riggens, College of Business
  • Claudia Tomany, College of Graduate & Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Anne Denton, Computer Science, College of Science & Mathematics