352nd Bomb Squadron, 301st Bomb Group

Paul Kenneth “Bud” Weiser was born on the family farm, northeast of Hazelton, North Dakota on February 11, 1920. He was the youngest of eight surviving children. He graduated from Hazelton High School in 1938 and from NDAC in 1942 with a degree in agronomy. The diary from which the following excerpts are taken was given to “Bud” by his brother Dick, “on the promise that he would write in it faithfully,” which he did from December 1942 – December 1945.

Jan 15, 1945 Sick today, headache & G.I.’s Sea fairly rough. On a new boat U.S.S. Gen W. P. Richardson 18,000 tons second voyage.

Jan 21, 1945 Rough sea yet. Made some more money playing cards. Still no land.

Jan. 23, 1945 Africa in sight all day off starboard. Passed Oran. Saw large convoy ahead. Still have destroyer leading. Calm sea.

Jan. 28, 1945 Sunday, went to chapel & communion. Raining cats & dogs. Drew sleeping bags. On alert, to go to 99 th Bomb. Group at Foggia.

Mar 1, 1945 First sortie. Manibar secondary. P.FF. Really tired. Guess we are off tomorrow.

Mar 14, 1945 Flew with Goetz & Mitchell. Guess flak heavy but I didn’t see too much. Slight headache. No mail. Wonder if Russ flies tomorrow. 5 missions and the Air Medal.

Mar 23, 1945 We were disgusted at briefing when we were told it was Ruhland again. Plenty of flak. Hope it is over this time. Expected fighters. No B.O. tomorrow. Got to write letters.

Apr 8, 1945 A pleasant Sunday. church & communion Wrote Ma & Dick. Played volleyball. Took shower in the new squadron shower. The boys played monopoly. Breaking in the A-2 jacket.

Apr 12, 1945 Nice mission to Padua Italy. Lots of flak. B17 crashed into 4 C-47’s & burned it and the C-47’s on landing. No mail again. Really cloudy over mountain, but clear at target.

May 4, 1945 Played volleyball, got rations & showered in the A.M. Neese & I went to town, bought cameo’s, ribbons, & painting for A-2.

May 20, 1945 Had an awful dust storm today. Went to church with Don Woods, nice chapel. Read book & wrote a letter. Wind going down. Got air corps sleeping bag.

Jun 7, 1945 Stood another honor guard, but General didn’t show up so postponed until tomorrow. Bill & Boone went to Naples one day pass. Flew night navigation to Sardinia.

Jul 7, 1945 No details, chow improving. Kicked football with Bill C. & played volleyball. Another letter from Ma & package with camera & pen. Stew & Cruz & I flying to Casa tomorrow.

Sep 18, 1945 Mailed souvenirs home & got some more, sword, bayonet, whip etc. Two more crews posted today to go home. Saw shows. May be on next crew.

Oct 20, 1945 Made the old U.S. at 12 o’clock. Didn’t do any radio work. Processed in a little while. To leave soon. Sent a telegram home. Things look nice in West Palm Beach.

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