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Nil Desperandum (Never Despair)

Nil Desperandum was organized in March of 1927 and was opened to all women students of North Dakota Agricultural College (NDAC)* who excelled athletically and academically. This scrapbook covers not only Nil Desperandum, but also the Women's Athletic Association, which was organized in 1920. In April of 1927, the Women's Athletic Association petitioned to become affiliated with the national physical education sorority, Delta Psi Kappa (letters of support are in the scrapbook). The local chapter at NDAC was established on June 2, 1927. The scrapbook covers the time period of 1925 - 1927.

*NOTE: In the mid-1920s the students at North Dakota Agricultural College began to refer to the school as North Dakota State College or State College. The use of State College, in all but official documents, continued until December of 1960 when NDAC became North Dakota State University (NDSU).

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