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Soren O. Erickson


Business years 1903 - 1916 (Erickson Studios, Erickson's Photo Studio, Erickson and Company)
Business address 305 N.P. Avenue

Atlas of Cass County, North Dakota 1906

Soren O. Erickson was born May 9, 1875 in Norway.  In 1884 he came with his parents to Eureka, Kansas where he was educated in the photography profession, in 1897.  He lived in Little Falls, Minnesota and Ashland, Wisconsin before settling in Fargo, N.D. in 1901.

During his first few years in Fargo, he worked as an employee of photographer T.M. Swem.  In about 1903, Mr. Erickson opened his own studio at 305 N.P. Avenue. His motto was “My work never disappoints.”

The studio was also known as Erickson’s Photo Studio (1908-1910) and Erickson and Company (1911).  It appears that Mr. Erickson also operated a studio in Barnesville, Minnesota.

Soren Erickson was married to Petrina J. Sundstad April 11, 1908 in Moorhead, Minnesota.  Petrina was born on February 2, 1872 in Leirfjord, Norway.  She came with her parents to Perley, Minnesota in 1882.  In the 1890s she moved to Fargo and worked as a dressmaker up until the time of her marriage.  Soren and Petrina had two daughters, Gertrude and Solveig.

In November 1914, Mr. Erickson left Fargo for Conrad, Montana. On August 4, 1916 Petrina and Soren were divorced in Cass County District Court. The 1916 business gazetteer shows Petrina as operating the business. Nothing else is know of Soren after he left Fargo. After 1916, the Erickson’s studio is no longer listed.  Petrina Erickson died on July 17, 1955 in Fargo. 

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