Nels P. Hamre

Business years 1909 - 1910
Business address Unknown

Nels Hamre Family
Aneta - A Century of Memories

Nels Peter Hamre was born October 2, 1877 at Selje, Nordfjord, Norway.

In 1880 he came to America with his parents and they settled near Benson, Minnesota.  When he was in his teens he lost his lower leg in a binder accident.  While in the hospital recuperating, he met a young woman named (Anna) Ellen Johnson.  They were married on May 22, 1907, and together they had one daughter, Vivian.

Nels apprenticed under a photographer in Benson, and then around 1909 moved to Fargo and opened a studio.  In 1910, he bought a studio in Aneta, North Dakota from David Anderson.

His business was rather slow until a train ran into a flock of sheep south of Aneta.  Nels went and took pictures of the scene and sold them for $2.00 a dozen.  This incident seemed to establish him as a competent photographer.  Many of Mr. Hamre’s photographs can be seen in The Norwegian Farmers in the United States.  Nels Hamre died February 3, 1940 in Aneta.

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