Fred E. Haynes

Business years 1881 - 1884
Business address 724 Front Street

Fred E. Haynes, 1882
Haynes Found Collection,
Montana Historical Society

Frederick E. Haynes, born in May 1861, in Michigan, was the brother of F. Jay Haynes, and worked with F. Jay in Fargo for at least the years 1881 to 1883.  He was, like his brother for the Northern Pacific, official photographer for the St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Manitoba Railway Company (later the Great Northern).

In 1884 the city directory lists him as a clerk for the Republican newspaper. 

The Aug. 9, 1884 Daily Argus, states that he moved to Butte, Montana to work as a traveling representative of the Inter-Mountain publishing company. In 1885 he moved to Idaho and worked for a time as a partner of Thomas J. White.

Around December 1890, Mr. Haynes married Jennie Holmes Moseley in Des Moines, Iowa.

About 1891 F.E. Haynes purchased the photography business of William H. Jacoby in St. Paul, Minnesota and continued to operate this studio until about 1900. He then moved to New York City and operated a photography studio, as well as other odd job. He was still living in New York City in 1930.

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Institute for Regional Studies,
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