Heaton & Poague

Business years 1920 - 1922
Business address  613 1st Avenue

Frank C. Heaton

Frank Clinton Heaton was born in about 1892 in Jacksonville, Illinois.  He is listed in the 1915 Fargo city directory as working as a bookkeeper at the Merchants National Bank and living at the Prescott Hotel.

In 1916 he is listed as a clerk at the Prescott Hotel and living at 600 10th Street South.  By 1919 he is a cashier at the Scandinavian American Bank and living with his father, James L. Heaton, at 313 9th Street South.

Frank was married to Bertha O. Salie on January 10, 1920 in Fargo. They had two children, Franklin and Clair.  He is listed as a photographer in the 1922 Fargo city directory, in partnership with Harry Poague. 

After 1922 the Heatons moved to Portland, Oregon. Here he was a photographer and had three different partners, Emery Gifford, Ralph Gifford, and Charles Piper. He was also involved in motion pictures. He worked as a freelance photographer and did a lot of newsreel items of concern in the Pacific Northwest. He sent newsreels to Paramount, Pathe and other studios. With the beginning of 'talkies' and the depression, the cost of converting from silent to sound newsreels was prohibitive and he quit. By 1933 he was in automobile sales. He died September 29, 1957 of a heart attack in Portland.

Harry H. Poague

Harry H. Poague was born in Kentucky around 1898.  According to the 1920 census he was married to a woman named Fanny and had one daughter, Dorothy, who was born in Iowa.  He was first listed in the 1919 Fargo city directory as a manager for photographer Charles E. Reed.

In about 1920 he went into partnership with Frank C. Heaton as Heaton & Poague, located at 613 1st Avenue North.  This studio is last listed in the 1922 city directory.  After that Mr. Poague moved from Fargo to Minneapolis where he was working as a newspaper photographer.

In World War II, Poague was a war correspondent for the American Red Cross. He was killed, when the plane he was a passinger in, crashed into a mountain shortly after takeoff from Ward Strip, Port Moresby, New Guinea on 26 November 1943. He is buried in the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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