Duane E. Langness
Business years 1971 - 1985
Business address 515 University Drive South: 1971-1973
  305 University Drive North: (1973 studio location)
  726 7th Street North: 1974-1977
  724 7th Street North: 1978-1985

Duane E. Langness was born in Fargo about 1948 to Purden and Rose Langness.  In 1971 he opened a studio at his home 515 University Drive South. A 1973 ad places his studio at 306 University Drive North. He began working out of his home at 726 Seventh Street North in 1974.  He apparently left the photography field in 1985 when he became a musician. In 1989 he was listed in the Fargo City Directory as a contractor.  His wife’s name was Elaine, and they had three children, Paul, Tonya, and Eric.

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Photographers of Fargo, N.D.
Institute for Regional Studies,
North Dakota State University,
Fargo 2001