Charles E. Reed

Business years 1912 (as Reed Bell Company)
Business address 509 N.P. Avenue: 1912-1916
  71 Broadway: 1916-1917
  613 1st Avenue North: 1919
  617 1st Avenue North: 1921

Charles E. Reed is first found as a Fargo photographer in a 1912 business gazetteer as a president in the Reed Bell Company, which was located at 509 N.P. Avenue. The 1915 census for Fargo lists a Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Reed and a daughter Katheryn. By1916 the business is located at 71 Broadway, and by 1919 he is at 613 1st Avenue North, and in 1921 at 617 1st Avenue North. The 1920 census has him in his 30s and born in Wisconsin. He was also listed as a widower. By 1921, C. E. Reed is living in St. Cloud.

The business gazetteer sometimes lists him as Edward C. or C. Edward Reed. An imprint on a photograph in private hands gives his business as the "Electric Studio. A 1918 ad lists Reed as owner of the New Garden Studio, it is likely that this studio was taken over by William Hartman around 1921 or 1922.

People known to have worked for Charles E. Reed:

Glesta, John “Jack,” 1891-1960
Mr. Glesta was born in October 2, 1891 in Valley City, North Dakota where he grew up. Mr. Glesta served in World War I, being inducted in Fargo on February 3, 1918. He was involved with the 363rd Depot Aero Squadron, in Langley Field, Virginia, and Aero Photo Section No. 43, at Taliaferro Field, Hicks, Texas. He was discharged on January 24, 1919. He returned to Fargo, and worked with Charles E. Reed from 1919-1920. He lived at 571 3rd Street in Fargo. Mr. Glesta died in Los Angeles, California on October 18, 1960.

Miller, George, ca. 1898-
George Miller was born around 1898 in Illinois.  In the 1920 census he is listed as a photographer and living as a boarder at 407 N.P. Avenue.  He may have worked for C.E. Reed because they both were boarders at the same location.

Darcy, William J., 1879-1945

1910s  &  1920s photographers



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