Julia Lyngen-Hilden
Adams 1906
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Homesteading was almost always a joint venture, undertaken with the support of friends and/or relatives. The lone man or woman who embarked on this sort of adventure was an exception rather than the rule. Friends and relatives often built their shacks on the corners of the adjoining quarter-sections. This provided the setting for companionship and cooperative work efforts.

The sod shacks pictured here belonged to Julia, her brother, Peter, and their friend, Selma Swenson.

(Courtesy: Helen Cusher, Reeder)


Dorothea Hilden-Lyngstad Marie Hilden
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Sisters Dorothea and Marie homesteaded with their brother Hans (center). Dorothea and Marie eventually sold their land to the Milwaukee Land Company, and that area later became a part of the town of Reeder.

(Courtesy: Helen Cusher, Reeder)

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