Baseball appears to be the first sport in Fargo with the establishment of the Red River Baseball Club on March 31, 1875, just two months after the official founding of Fargo. Fargo was one of the founding franchises of the Northern League when it began in 1902. The team went through several names changes but was known longest as the Twins before the ended operations in 1960. Today the Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks, started in 1996, are Fargo's professional baseball team.

College baseball dates back to least 1910 when the Fargo College team played against Concordia College, Fargo High School, the Fargo YMCA, and other nearby teams.

Fargo has had several baseball fields. The first was on the site of the present Meritcare Hospital. Fargo College had a baseball field at the bottom of Dill Hill. For many years, the Twins played at Barnett Field, abandoned in the early 1960's and razed for North High. Today, the Redhawks, and others, play at the at the Newman Outdoor Field built in June 21, 1996. The Newman field is also the home of the NDSU baseball team.