Bismarck Tavern

Bismarck Tavern.

One of Fargo's oldest bars is the Bismarck at 522 Broadway. According to the Fargo city directories, the Bismarck Liquor Store and Cafe opened at 516 Broadway about 1937 by Stanley C. and Ruth Peterson. Sometime between 1945 and 1947 the business moved to 522 Broadway. About 1951 the business was sold to Bill Ross, and he changed the name to the Bismarck Tavern in 1955. In 1965, the ownership of the Bismarck went to Ardell J. McGoven, and in 1975 it was sold to O. J. Bushaw, Noel Hefte and his wife Gwen of Grand Forks. And in 1984 the ownership went to Charles Sauvageau who owns C & M Investments.