Branick Vulcanizing Company

Branick Vulcanizing Company.

C. Earl Branick was born and raised in Dickinson, N.D. He became interested in tires and tire handling, and began inventing machinery for tire repair, retreading and handling. He held more than 160 patents for his inventions. In the early years there wasn’t much business in Dickinson, so he went to Akron, Ohio and worked both for Firestone and Goodrich. Just as his career was starting, World War I broke out and Mr. Branick entered the army. After the war, he returned to North Dakota and settled in Fargo where he opened the Branick Vulcanizing Company in 1919. His first location was at 511 2nd Avenue North. By 1923, he had moved is business to 808-814 Front Street. The company produced tire inspection and retreading equipment. In 1950 he began the Branick Manufacturing Company, at 1213 N.P. Avenue, producing tire handling equipment which was sold all over the United States and many other countries. The company was the first to handle large earth-moving equipment tires in 1964. Mr. Branick also started the Branick Products Company which manufactured assorted items such as knife sharpeners and air valves. Mr. Branick sold both companies in 1968.

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