Broadway in 1908

West side of Broadway, 1908

This real photograph postcard was taken in 1908. Luger Furniture can be seen in the left center, followed by an unknown building, the Edwards Building (Alex Stern Company). The building on the right with the pointed roof was the Fargo National Bank until it was torn down in 1911.

Broadway looking north, 1908

This real photograph postcard is of Broadway in 1908, looking north from Front Street (Main Avenue). There is not an automobile in sight but several horse-drawn wagons. Note the deer on top of the building in the upper right center.

Broadway looking south, 1908

There are not nearly as many views looking south on Broadway as there are looking north. The black and white image right (postmarked December 1908) appears to show Fargo after a light snow. The Indian statue is erected and above it is a good picture of A. L. Moody's.

The real photograph postcard below was taken from about the same time, with two street railroad cars visible.

Broadway looking south, 1908