Broadway in the 1930s

Broadway looking south

This real photograph postcard looks south on Broadway. It was likely photographed from the Black Building in the period 1933-1935. Along the east (left) side of Broadway we see the following businesses:

  • Hotel Donaldson sign on the northeast corner of Broadway and First Avenue. The actual address of the hotel was 521 1st Avenue.
  • Fargo Toggery on the southeast corner of Broadway and 1st Avenue.
  • Royal Jewelers
  • Carlisle & Bristol Hardware at 67 Broadway.
  • St. James Hotel at 67 Broadway (upstairs)
  • Fargo Cafe at 65 Broadway
  • D. Krageland, Jeweler
  • Cook Drug Company at 61 Broadway
  • New York Life Insurance Company upstairs at 200 Equity Building
  • Hoenck Fur Store at 57 Broadway

South of N.P. Avenue:

  • Dacotah Drug Company on the southeast corner of Broadway and N.P. Avenue (58 Broadway)
  • First National Bank at 23 Broadway.

On the west (right) side of Broadway, not many buildings can be identified because of the angle from which the photographer was shooting. Clearly visible on the southwest corner of Broadway and First Avenue is the

  • Broadway Pharmacy at 74 Broadway
  • Elliott Hotel (at 608 1st Avenue North) sign is visible

At the head of Broadway at Front Street (Main Avenue now), one can see Moody's and the Fort Hotel.

North from NP Avenue

This enlargement of a real photograph postcard dates from about 1936. The photographer was looking north on Broadway from N.P. Avenue.

Proceeding north (left to right) on the west side of Broadway we can see:

From N.P. Avenue to 1st Avenue: the edge of Fargo National Bank (built in 1911 at 52 Broadway); the S. S. Kresge Co. 5-10-25¢ Store (in the Kaufman building, built in 1900 at 54-56 Broadway); Edwards (type of store unknown at 58 Broadway; and the S.S. Kresge 25¢ to $1 Store. In the office above we see Hildred's beauty Salon and Dr. J.R. Orst, Physician & Surgeon above Kresge's five-and-dime store; the Fargo General Health Service with Dr. H. H. Werre, D.C. above the Edwards store; and Dr. W. J. Ford, Dentist above Kresge's 25¢-$1 store.

From 1st Avenue to 2nd Avenue: Crescent Jewelers on the corner (with the Dakota Dental Clinic advertising "Teeth" on the second floor); the Ablen (?) store; the Golden Maid Cafe offering candies and sodas; Stevenson's; an unknown store; and Broadway Drug on the corner of Second Avenue. On the second floor is the Elliott Hotel.

North of 2nd Avenue the signs cannot be read except for the Black Building. On the east side of Broadway, the signs are foreshortened and become to much of a jumble of overlaps to read.

Looking north from the Black Building

This enlargement of a real photograph postcard is dated 1935. The photographer was looking north on Broadway from the Black Building.

Proceeding north on the west side of Broadway we can see the Western Furniture Co., the Fargo Theater, the Powers Hotel, and St. Mary's. No other signs are legible.

Proceeding south on the east side of Broadway, we can see the First Lutheran Church, the Ford Building, the Viking Hotel, and a large building on 4th Avenue with the Monad Coffee shop on the first floor. Crossing Fourth Street, there is the Fargoan Hotel and a number of illegible signs. On the corner with Fourth Street is another cafe and on the south corner is another hotel. Further down the block is the Kaybee Store and the Olsen Furniture Company.

In the upper right one can see the Great Northern Depot and clock and the Fairway Food Store. On the extreme right in the center, one can see McKinley School, the First Ward school, which was built in 1900. It was located on 3rd Avenue North between Broadway and 5th Street.

Note the blur of the Great Northern Train as it crosses Broadway.