Charles R. Stone

Charles R. Stone.

Charles R. Stone, born in Crown Point, Indiana, had his first job at age 9 as an accordion player in a two-man "orchestra" at a German wedding in Hebron, Indiana. Stone's partner refused to accept any of the collection that was taken for the musicians at the end of the affair and so Stone carried the $78 in donations home in a borrowed sack.

Stone began to play the accordion at age 7, taught by the German musician mentioned above. Based on Stone's financial success at the wedding, his family decided he may have some musical ability and bought him an organ for $175. By the time he was 15, Stone was teaching music to others.

In 1882, Stone moved to Anoka, Minnesota, where he bought a good deal of land, taught music, and began to sell pianos. In 1894, Stone founded Stone's Music House in Fargo and in 1898 he incorporated as Stone's Piano Company.