Fargo Cinema Grill Theater

Fargo Cinema Grill Theater.

Established in April 1997, the theater was located at 630 1st Avenue, former location of the Lark Theater. The two-floor theater held two lobbies, two separate kitchens, and three large theaters that served food, beer, and wine. The theater closed on May 31, 2001. The last three films shown were "Castaway," "Heartbreakers," and "Enemy at the Gates." The general manager of the theater was Lori Brown.

Competition with other theaters showing first-run films proved too great for the theater. In an effort to boost attendance, the theater’s ownership requested first-run movies from its film distributors early this year. After learning the Cinema Grill would not be able to acquire new movies, the decision was made to close the business, said Kevin Swann, part owner.