Fargo Clinic and MeritCare Health System

Fargo Clinic.

A new School of Nursing Facility opened in October 1958 across (west) of Broadway from St. Luke's hospital. A new wing was added to the hospital in May 1962.

A new (east) wing was added to the hospital and opened in 1975. The original hospital building, purchased by the Fargo Clinic in 1969, was torn down to make way for a planned Clinic expansion. Construction of the facility, which doubled the Clinic's size, was completed in 1979 (see postcard above).

The Clinic, Hospital and their subsidiary corporations added "MeritCare" to their name in 1985. In 1993 St. Luke's Hospitals, MeritCare and Fargo Clinic MeritCare merged to form MeritCare Health System.