Fargo College Sports

Fargo College stadium.

Fargo College boasted of the "best stadium in the Northwest." It is pictured to the right.

Pictured in the photograph below is the Fargo College baseball team in 1908. Behind them one can see Dill Hall to the left and Jones Hall to the right.

Thanks to David Smith for both images!

Fargo College baseball team.

In addition to baseball, the Fargo College basketball team played against such local teams as Concordia College in Moorhead, Fargo High School, NDAC, Wahpeton, the YMCA, and others.

The stamp shown at right was issued by the American Tobacco Co. as an insert premium in their brands of FATIMA Tobacco and Cigarettes during 1910. This is one from a very rare series featuring 150 different schools. The front of the card features the School Seal, School Pennant or Flag and the School Yell.

Fargo College pennant.