Fargo Toggery

Fargo Toggery.

The Fargo Toggery a store dealing in men's clothing, furnishings and tailoring, was established in the spring of 1920 by Carl Rylander, John Gilbertson, and Emil Eggum. Their first store was located at 631 First Avenue North. In 1931, the store moved to the O’Neil Block at 73 Broadway and E.A. Lynner joined the firm. Lynner purchased all interest in the store in 1937. He was joined in 1939 by J. Luther Jacobson.

In the spring of 1940, the store moved to 216 Broadway. The store moved again in 1945 to 228 Broadway. O. K. Jacobson joined the firm in 1946. In about 1968, a branch store was opened in the Brookdale Mall in Moorhead, and the company started going by Toggery Inc. It is last listed in the 1980 Fargo city directory.

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