Festival Hall

Festival Hall.

There are no known postcards of Festival Hall alone. However, the building may be seen on the extreme right of the postcard above.

Festival Hall, also known as the Drill Hall or Armory, was completed in 1897. It was 40 x9 6 feet and cost approximately $1,500. The building was constructed of wood with a brick foundation. In addition to the drilling of the cadets, it was used as a gymnasium and for college dances. In 1900 an addition measuring 40 x 40 feet was added. By 1908 the building was again enlarged and rearranged to 61 x 104 feet, surrounded by a gallery, and capable of seating five hundred people. In the mid-1920s, building was extended again. Sometime between 1931-33 the name of the Armory was changed to Festival Hall. No one knows from where the name came. Festival Hall was demolished on July 19, 1982.

The postcard above is interesting in several aspects. Old Main is clearly shown and the original Chemistry Building can be seen to its left. Just behind the Chemistry Building is the Engineering Building. On the left side, the Library is in the foreground and the first section of the Science Hall can be seen behind it. Just to the right of this buildings in the image is an unknown building. Also unknown is the plinth that stands to the right of the Library.