Fire Stations

First fire station.

Fargo's first fire house was built in the spring of 1881. It was located on Broadway's east side, just north of the NP tracks. The firemen, however, were not satisfied with the building and the city Council built a new fire house on the northeast corner of NP Avenue and Roberts Street. That building is pictured to the upper right. Peter Wiser built the tall bell tower which was used for giving the fire alarm. The station was burned to the ground in the great fire of 1893.

1893 fire station.

A third fire house was built in the early 1880's. It was located on the north side of Front Street (Main Avenue) at Fifth Street. Ironically it was located directly across Front Street from where the fire of 1893 began. This station also burned down in the fire of June 7, 1893.

1893 fire station.

By October 1893, Fargo had built a new fire station also located at NP Avenue and Roberts Street [June 7, 1894 edition of the Argus; scan courtesy of the North Dakota Institute for Regional Studies]. It was also used by the city for some offices until the City Hall Building was completed next door (on the corner) several years later.

1910 fire station.

Another fire station was built in 1910 . Known as Fire Department No. 2, it was located at 914 Front Street (Main Avenue). The building was no longer used by the Fire Department by the 1970's.

2001 fire station.

The present Fire Department Headquarters building, still at NP venue and Roberts Street, is shown at right.