First Avenue by Address

7: Fargo Iron and Metal Company
207: Johnson Brothers, Junk Dealers
217: Van Veghel Auto Company, Frank's Garage
223: Central Hotel
301: Kemp Tire Company, T. J. Flamer Hotel
312: United Electric Service
313: Berry's Bowling Lanes and Coffee Shop
315: Berry's Paint Shop, Berry's Trim Shop, Frosaker & Donovan Motor Company, Nokken & Ryan Motors
409: Northwestern Bell Telephone Company
418: AFL Bakery Workers Local 396, Electrical Workers Number 1426 IBEW, Fargo Trades and Labor Assembly, Hartford Fire Insurance Company, New York Underwriters Insurance Company, Clayton Stanley Insurance
418½: Camp Fire Girls
501: Masonic Temple (1899-1968)
504: Northwestern Telephone Exchange, Community Welfare Association, Red River Valley Fair Association, Chamber of Commerce
506: Anderson Auto Top Company
508: Fargo Tailoring; LeCocq Studio, Photography (1950-1953)
508½: Victory Hotel
512: Kopelman Building, Kopelman’s Men’s Formal Wear, Knights Formal Wear (1972-1984), Eats Cetera Restaurant (1984-1993), The Times Restaurant (1993-1996), Red River Women’s Clinic (2000-present).
514: Mrs. J. Kopelman, hairdresser
514½: George F. Ellis, Dental Laboratory; Guarantee Mutual Life Insurance Company; Home Indemnity Company; Home Insurance Company; F. J. Hubbard Insurance; Bernard J. Majors Insurance
515: M. L. Casson, tailor; Lawrence H. Overy, State Farm Insurance
516: Boulger & Hughes, Undertakers
517: New Grand Cafe, Grand Chop Suey Cafe
518: Toledo Scale Company, The Bridal Shop
519: George L. Isensen, collection agency; Fargo Rubber Stamp Works; Traveler's Equitable
521: Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF), Commercial Club, Donaldson Hotel
523: Hagen's Tailoring
530: Helling Agency, insurance; Prudential Insurance Company
605: L. Levin, Jeweler
607: Madsen's Jewelry
608: Elliott Hotel (1899-1930)
609: Nelson's Hat Shop, Metropolitan Savings and Loan Association
610: Eagle Shining and Shoe Repair
612: Liberty Candy Company, Whiting's Office Supply
613: Stone's Piano Company (1910-1940), Daveau Music Company (1940-1976), Schmitt Music Company (1976-199?), Avalon Events Center (1999-present)
613½: Midwest Insurance Company; E. O. Nerdahlen, Insurance
614: Stone's Piano Company (1901-1910), Nestor Cigar Store, Pheasant Cafe
615: Temple-Brissman, auditors; Eaton & Eaton, farm land and loans
616: Elk's Club Rooms
617: Smart Hat Shop, Gaffaney's Office Specialties Company
619-921: Walker Brothers and Hardy (1901-1927); Store Without a Name (1934-1961); Greenshields, Electrical Contractors, Plumbing, and Heating; Barker Bakery; Walker Brothers Stationery; New Garden Studio, photography (1922-1934)
620: Grand Billiard Parlors, Grand Recreation
620½: Grand Bowling Alleys, Eagles
622: Grand Family Theater
624: Grand Confectionery
626: Improvement Building (1909-1968); M. A. Baldwin, farm land and loans; Western Realty; Hatcher Brothers Insurance; Herbert Hodge & Son Realty
627: Rose Shop, women's apparel
628: Frank McKone Cigar Company
629: Pioneer Grocery Company
630½: Congregational Conference of North Dakota; The MacCabees, insurance
631: Kiland's Office Machines; Office Specialties Company; Fargo Toggery (1920-1931); Melvin Hagen, insurance; E. G. Allison, dentist; J. R. Cromb, dentist
632: YMCA (1905-1963)
633: Northern Improvement Company
635: Fargo Floral Company
637: Forts Hat Shop
641: Postal Pharmacy
705: Post Office and Federal Building
714: F. C. Hayer, vacuum cleaner distributor
716: Gardner Garage
719: International Harvester Company (1950s)
804: International Harvester Company (1920s-1950s)
814: Firestone Tire and Rubber Company
1019: Blue Valley Creamery; Pierce Company, office supplies and furniture
1107½: Reger Electric Construction
1122: Berrell Motor Company
1418: Builders Supply Company
1425: Marshall Oil Company
1534: Haggart's Service Inc., fuel oil
1620: Smith Inc., tractors
1910: Concrete Sectional Culvert Company