Front Street in 1878

View of 500 block of Front Street in 1878.

This photograph of Front Street in 1878 is courtesy of the State Historical Society of North Dakota. The view is the south side of Front Street, between 5th Street South and Broadway.

West side of Front Street in 1878.

This 1878 photograph looks west on Front Street from Broadway. The small building on the left was built in March 1878 for the First National Bank. In 1879, the bank built a larger brick building just east of the wooden building shown. The building to the west of the bank was a Mr. Maddock's store, circa 1873-1894, which became the Fargo Post Office for awhile. The building at the far right is the Sherman House which sat at the corner of Front and 7th Streets. The signs on the larger building in the center read "Arcade" and "Drug Store."